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Your Southern US Security Solution Center

The security of your Clanton, AL-area business is paramount to its welfare. You could be protecting valuables or merchandise from theft, or your private office needs a record of who goes in and out. Crystal Keys Locksmith provides advanced security solutions that allow you to regulate access to a building or particular space, as well as record the activities. We sell, install, and support such vital privacy features as electronic locks and access management systems. We’re committed to ensuring a safe and private environment for your staff and business concerns. Additionally, you can get the reassurance of activities within an area by purchasing and having us install security cameras. We also support these cameras to make sure you don’t miss any events or faces showing up on your property. Don’t leave your facilities and valuable items vulnerable to theft or damage. Acquire the equipment and security measures necessary to protect your belongings and the safety of your employees.

Door handle with modern electronic lock

Electronic Locks & Access Management

For a smart solution to access management, we offer and install trusted and highly-effective electronic locks and access control systems that allow you to keep your property available only to those who belong there. Our selection of systems includes the following benefits:

  • Electronic locks offer a convenient and secure means of controlling access.
  • Manage access to your building or a particular room or space by selecting who can enter.
  • The integrated time and attendance feature on the dormakaba® Terminal 9700.
  • Dormkaba’s® Keyscan Aurora and Eplex 5700 access control systems ensure security with technologically-sound methods of access management.

Security Cameras to Record Your Property

With the added benefits of recording the ongoing visitors and activities in and around your property, you gain the security of a visually-documented timeline for review purposes, as well as possible evidence. We sell, install, and support both IP- and Coax-based camera systems. Some of the high-quality CCTV recording devices we offer include:

  • Five Megapixel HD-TVI Over Coax – This model supports a resolution of five megapixels with a 4K display output.
  • H.265 IP Products – These security devices save you up to 50% in storage space while recording.
  • Thermal Camera with Temperature Detection – Ensure you always have an image even with the lights off with this plug-and-play camera. It records with a thermally-based image.

Call for a Secure Facility

Crystal Keys Locksmith’s exceptional skills and extensive experience in home and business security helps to ensure the privacy of your property and safety of your staff and visitors. If you’re ready to take control of your property, or even a particular space in your building, give us a call today to discover the convenient options for your security.

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